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Harvest 2023 harvested on Veterans Day weekend this year. We got 98 gallons of oil from 6775 pounds of EVOO. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped harvest. This years oil is beautiful green color and still unfiltered. The peppery finish will have you coughing for sure! In case you didn't know; coughing is a true sign of the potency of Olio Nuevo.

Harvest 2022 We had no harvest this year. You need at least 850 pounds of olives to start the mill. Unfortunately we would have only had about 400-450 pounds. 2023 should be great!

Harvest 2021 What a fun harvest we had this year. We call this one "Halloween Harvest". The bubbas came and so did Aunt Martha. We paid pickers to knock, there were so few olives that they finished in 1 day. That meant we spent the weekend with our friends and no hand harvesting. We got 23.5 gallons of oil this year.

Harvest 2020 Unfortunately this was a really poor year, for everyone in our area. We pressed in November and only got 2 gallons of oil. I Think this might be the most expensive oil ever. We named this year "Pits & Pieces".

Harvest 2019 WOW! We had a record year this year. 5547 pounds of olives netting us 96 gallons of oil. Thank you to everyone who came out to help us this year.

Harvest 2018 We had no harvest for 2018. Not enough olives on the trees to even fill one bin. 2017 oil will be for sale until it is gone.

Harvest 2017 - November 17

Olio Nuovo is available now!! Please see our "Products" tab for ordering. This years oil is a beautiful yellow/green color. A hint of pepper with a beautiful full finish.

Thank you to everyone who came out for harvest this year. We celebrated the 60th birthday of my wonderful wife and we had our largest, single harvest, to date! 61.8 gallons of oil from 4403 pounds of olives. It was great to see all the Navy crew and to meet some new folks.

Harvest 2016

No harvest in 2016. Not enough olives to make the weight minimum. Please join us for our 2017 harvest.

Harvest 2015 - October 31

2015 has turned out to be our greatest year ever!! I think that the fact that all our friends and family came this year is what made it successful. Maybe it was the wedding, but whatever the reason we are thrilled. The weekend of October 31st we harvested more than 2500 pounds of olives which produced 49 gallons of oil. Mangini Ranch went back in the last weekend in November and harvested our 2nd Press and milled another 10 gallons of oil. We went back in for a 3rd harvest!! the last weekend of the year and we got another 5 gallons of oil. Our grand total for 2015 harvest is 64 gallons of oil.  For those of you that entered the lottery, Jeanne Arquel won with a guess of 47 gallons. The guessing was only for the first press.

Harvest 2014

Mangini Ranch has the new pressing room this year and to celebrate we pressed on Nancy's birthday. We had so many new faces this year, thank you all. The Rota girls had a great showing this year and a good time was had by all. Due diligence with our yeast tabs and fly spraying paid off this season, we got 20 gallons of oil.

Harvest 2013

We think this was our hardest year yet. The olive fly infested the Calaveras County olive trees and we were all forced to harvest early. Unfortunately our olives were like little beebees and didn't make for much quantity. Guiseppi was on hand to help work the press but, 6 gallons was all we got from this harvest.

Harvest 2012

This year we had significantly less water causing the olives to be much smaller. Thanks to all the wonderful people who came and helped us this year.  We pressed only 15 gallons of oil, with a greener look and a more peppery finish.  A whole new crew from the TechShop was so much fun. Can’t wait for next year.

Harvest 2011

So much fun was had by all that we just have to post pictures!!  On November 19th and 20th we harvested and milled the 2011 crop.  Our first time to see the mill in action, it brought a tear to our eyes. It was really great to see all of our family and friends that showed, how blessed we are!!  Look forward to hearing all your stories too.   

Harvest 2010- October 31, 2010

We harvested our pressed within 2 days. We got 24 gallons of oil this year.

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