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As we always say: It takes OliveYou to make OliveUs successful.

Olio Nuovo (new oil) is the freshest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil available. It's special because it contains fine organic particulates that do not centrifuge out during the olive milling process. These particulates are eventually removed from the oil as it ages to prevent fermentation, however, when the oil is new, these particulates lend vibrancy and richness to the appearance, texture, and tase of the oil. Use our oil generously. Swirl over soups, stews, risottos, pasta, braised meats, and roasted vegetables. Drizzle over bread, cured meat, fresh vegetables or cheese. Try it over vanilla ice cream with a pinch of sea salt for a decadent dessert.


Please email or call to order oil
Limited quantities available

Extra Virgin
Cold Pressed
We Hand Harvest
Old Growth Trees
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